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IF your having trouble beating off those aliens here are some cheats to help you along

Power overwhelming - God Mode

Show me the money - Gives you 10,000 gas and 10,000 crystal

Operation CWAL - Speeds construction of buildings and units

The Gathering - Gives unlimited energy to all casting units

Game over man - Ends your game as a loss

Staying Alive - Prevents the mission from ending due to victory or

There is no cow level - Completes the current mission

Whats mine is mine - Free minerals

Breathe deep - Free Vespene Gas

Something for nothing - Gives all upgrades

Black Sheep Wall - Shows entire map

Medieval man - Free upgrades to units

Modify the phase variance - Ability to build all buildings

War aint what it used to be - Disables fog of war

Food for thought - Ability to build units beyond the support limit

Ophelia - Enter this to enable level skipping cheat. Then enter the
mission you want to skip to (i.e., "terran10") to go there.